Dismissal Procedures

Early Dismissal

Please use this form if your child needs to be dismissed early from school. Students will not be dismissed to the office once the dismissal process has begun. If you need your child dismissed early we request that it is prior to 3:15 PM.  If you are picking up early, please park in the main lot, enter the lobby with your ID, and sign-out your child. If you will be dismissing more than one student please fill out a form for each child. If you need a dismissal after 3:30 PM, please make your child a car rider for that day by using the 2022-2023 Dismissal Change Form.

Change in Dismissal Plan

Please complete this form for each child who will be dismissed differently than their normal dismissal. Please be advised that this form MUST be submitted by 2:15 PM daily to allow adequate time for our staff to notify the teacher of the dismissal change.  Dismissal is a very busy time in the office and we don’t want to miss changes. 

Car Rider Dismissal 

•Drivers enter the parking lot from Pothouse Road and stay to the right following signs to loop around to the car loop lane.
•Dismissal times for car riders will be staggered according to your child's last name. 
•Dismissal will begin at 3:30 and ends at approximately 4:00 p.m. 

Parents/Guardians should arrive in the car line during the designated times below.  
•Students whose last name ends with A-H will be dismissed from the gym beginning at 3:30
•Students whose last name ends with I-P will be dismissed from the gym beginning at 3:38
•Students whose last name ends with Q-Z will be dismissed from the gym beginning at 3:45

•Students will be arriving to the gym at these designated times.  Parents/Guardians should be aware of the dismissal times for their child(ren) and should follow the times accordingly. If a parent/guardian arrives at the incorrect dismissal time, they will be asked to park in a space and return back to the car line at the appropriate time.  This is because the student/child will not be in the gym for dismissal until the designated time. 

•Please be aware of the staff members on duty. Staff members are working to make sure everyone is safe.  Please adhere to their directions and stay attentive while in the car rider line.  Parents/Guardians who are driving should not be on their cell phones when picking up their child. 

To expedite the dismissal process, we are asking all families to pick up their child and continue through the line quickly. If your child needs assistance buckling his/her seatbelt, please continue through the car line and then pull over to assist your child. This is not a time to chat with teachers and staff on duty or other families in the car line. 

•Families who plan to pick their child up by car every day must have a placard that will be provided by the main office 
o This placard will have a code on it that is assigned to your child(ren). 
o Display the placard on the passenger side of the dashboard. 
o Placards will only be provided to students who have indicated that their dismissal routine every day is “car rider”.

•Students who are not everyday car riders will not be given a placard. If you are picking up your child(ren) on occasion, please use the electronic form to indicate a change in dismissal.

Please Note:
  • Staff members cannot open or close car doors for students.  If your children cannot manage the car door independently, please exit your car and help your child into the car.
  • Drivers should not be on their cell phones during pick up in order to facilitate a safe and speedy dismissal.
  • Students can only enter a car if the car has reached the sidewalk area.  Staff members will direct drivers and students when to enter the car.
  • Drivers may not pass other cars

  • Walkers:

    •Lincoln Avenue Walkers:  A staff member will supervise students as they cross the bus loop to get to the middle school property.  From there, students will walk independently through the middle school and high school campus to their destination.

    •Pothouse Road Walkers:  A staff member will supervise students along the sidewalk of our parking lot to the light on Pothouse Road.  From there, students will walk independently to their destination.

    •All families should teach their children proper safety precautions when walking from school:

    • Stay on the designated route
    • Stay on sidewalks
    • Look both ways before crossing a street

    Bus Riders:

    • Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will be escorted to busses in a line, organized by bus number.  Second through Fifth Grade will walk independently to their bus. 
    • Staff members will check backpack tags to students board the appropriate bus
    • Safeties (5th grade Manavon students) will assist in monitoring the bus dismissal procedures.
    • Staff members will supervise the bus loop area as students board the buses.

    After Care:

    • Parents or guardians must park their car in a parking space and walk into the building to retrieve their child. 
    • Parents or guardians will be greeted by a YMCA staff member.
    • Drivers cannot pull up to the front door when picking up students.
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